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Colorado River Locks

COLORADO RIVER LOCKS, Matagorda, Texas  - USACE Galveston District Simon DeSoto, lockmaster at the Colorado River Locks, snapped this photo of  tow exiting the east lock of the Colorado River Locks.

Remarks: No mail or packages are being accepted either from or to tows due to security reasons.

Normal Operations




RECREATIONAL VESSELS: Lock openings for recreational vessels will be limited from opening on demand to opening every hour on the hour. Recreational vessels will be allowed to pass after a tow passes through the locks during the hour. If no tows are passing, the locks will only be opened at the top of the hour for recreational vessel passage.  

Emergency and law enforcement will not be affected by these operational changes.

Lock Gauge Water Elevation Readings (MLT)*

 East Lock   West Lock  
River Side 0     River Side 0
Canal Side 0     Canal Side 0

READINGS LAST UPDATED: September 22, 2016, 0700

Current Velocities

Colorado River (mph) -0.07                                  
By-Pass Channel (mph)-0.00

Lock Dimensions

1,200 feet long by 75 feet wide, maximum length allowed on tows is 1,180 feet, maximum width allowed on tows is 74 feet.

Traffic Information

Lockings on turn: Eastbound: 0

Lockings on turn: Westbound: 0

Galveston District Colorado River Locks

Mailing Address:

USACE Galveston District
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Phone: East Lock Control House: 979-863-7842  Ext. 2005
Fax: 979-863-2127

Office Hours: 7 a.m. - 4 p.m. (Monday-Thursday)
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