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2017 Nationwide Permits and Regional Conditions

As discussed under 33 CFR Part 330, Nationwide Permits (NWPs) are a type of general permit issued by the Chief of Engineers and are designed to regulate with little, if any, delay or paperwork certain activities having minimal impacts. The NWPs are proposed, issued, modified, reissued (extended), and revoked from time to time after an opportunity for public notice and comment. Proposed NWPs or modifications to or reissuance of existing NWPs will be adopted only after the Corps gives notice and allows the public an opportunity to comment on and request a public hearing regarding the proposals.

 An activity is authorized under a NWP only if that activity and the permittee satisfy all of the NWP's terms and conditions. Activities that do not qualify for authorization under a NWP still may be authorized by an Individual Permit (IP) or a Regional General Permit (RGP).

 Per NWP General Condition (GC) 23 (Regional and Case-By-Case Conditions): The activity must comply with any regional conditions that may have been added by the Division Engineer (see 33 CFR 330.4(e)) and with any case specific conditions added by the Corps or by the state, Indian Tribe, or U.S. EPA in its section 401 Water Quality Certification, or by the state in its Coastal Zone Management Act consistency determination.

2017 Nationwide Permits

Final 2017 Nationwide Permits Federal Register Notice - 6 January 2017
2017 Final Nationwide Permits Summary Chart
2017 Nationwide Permits Federal Register Notice - 1 June 2016

2017 Nationwide Permits Regional Conditions for Texas

Regional Conditions for Texas
Map and .kmz for Regional Condition 15c
Map for Regional Condition 25

2017 Nationwide Permit Regional Conditions for Louisiana

Regional Conditions for Louisiana

2017 Certifications and Consistency Determinations

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
Texas General Land Office
Environmental Protection Agency - Tribal Lands in Texas

Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality
Louisiana Department of Natural Resources

2017 SWD Supplemental Decision Documents

Approval of Supplemental Decision Documents and Regional Conditions

Supplemental Decision Documents Cover Memo

NWP 1, 2, 8, 9, 10, 11, 24, 28, 35     NWP 17    
NWP 31      NWP 43            
NWP 3 NWP 18 NWP 32 NWP 44
NWP 4 NWP 19 NWP 33  NWP 45
NWP 5 NWP 20 NWP 34 NWP 46
NWP 6 NWP 21 NWP 36 NWP 48
NWP 7 NWP 22 NWP 37 NWP 50
NWP 12 NWP 23 NWP 38 NWP 51, 52
NWP 13 NWP 25 NWP 39 NWP 53
NWP 14 NWP 27 NWP 40 NWP 54
NWP 15 NWP 29 NWP 41
NWP 16 NWP 30 NWP 42   



Electronic Submission of Linear Projects

The Galveston District has developed a set of procedures to be used by an applicant/agent for the submittal of NWP applications, provided in an electronic format on a CD-ROM, for linear projects requiring a DA permit under NWP 12 and/or 14. The Corps reserves the right to determine if a NWP request, received on CD-ROM, is Federally complete. If information for a NWP verification request is determined to be insufficient for a completeness determination, a hard copy format may be requested by a Project Manager/Regulatory Specialist. All review of pre-construction notification (PCN) packages will be conducted in accordance with 33 CFR 325 and 33 CFR 330, for completeness determinations, and NWP General Condition 31 (d), for contents of a PCN.

Standard Operating Procedure

External procedure for applicants/agents to prepare an electronic document submission, on a CD-ROM, for verification of NWPs12 or 14.


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2012 Nationwide General Permits (Historical)

2012 Nationwide Permits (NWP) - (Historical)

2012 NWP Regional Conditions for Texas and Louisiana

NWP Regional Conditions for the State of Texas 
NWP Regional Conditions for the State of Louisiana

2012 NWP Section 401 Water Quality Certifications (Texas)

EPA 401 Certification Conditions of NWPs for Indian country in Texas (March 21, 2012)
Railroad Commission of Texas letter concerning WQC Certification in Galveston District (March 22, 2012)
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (April 5, 2012)