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Objectives for the workshops include: Become familiar with each others’ organizations and their future directions; identify crossover working relationships in coastal science and engineering; develop a partnering value proposition for achieving mutually held objectives and identify action items for joint organization follow up with future event planning.

The Coastal Science and Engineering Collaborative (CSEC) is a group of engineering researchers and practitioners, partnering together to pool the knowledge, expertise and resources of willing and able collaborators and financial supporters to close priority science and engineering gaps and significantly improve the efficiency, effectiveness and productivity in practice. By combining talent across agencies at multiple levels in agreed-upon objectives for informing coastal science and engineering in fields such as Engineering with Nature, the "whole becomes greater than the sum of the parts".

A series of workshops is being held to explore and establish common interests for partnering on coastal science and engineering academics, research and development, and practice, for timely infusion of innovative technical products to support lifecycle coastal infrastructure systems management decisions in practice.

The next bi-annual CSEC Workshop will be held at Texas A&M at Galveston on October 5-6, 2017.


October 2017 Workshop

  • CSEC workshop Agenda
  • ERS Thomas
  • Galveston Island Novel Management
  • Galveston Sanderson
  • Thomas Morning
  • Toms Double Presentation
  • 121 Bridges CSEC
  • Islam Inland Coastal Model
  • IWRM S&T
  • AFA
  • CSEC Barrier
  • CSEC Near Shore

April 2017 Workshop