Real Estate.

  • Secures real estate ownership data and mapping from public records and compiles ownership and segment maps of project area.
  • Prepares and verifies all land descriptions used in real estate actions including verification of bearings and distances, mapping standard compliance and area computations.
  • Establishes and recommends proposed acquisition lines for approval by using sound real estate judgment and knowledge of ownerships, effect to the remainder, uneconomical remnants and field checks.

Financial Management.

  • Develop schedules of work performance and funds required to accomplish the real estate mission.
  • Tracks real estate program execution from cradle to grave to ensure proper use of civil and military funds.
  • Prepares manpower requirements to support and accomplish the district real estate mission.
  • Provides real estate input for congressional hearings in support of Water Resource Appropriations.
  • Develops and prepares command operating budget for division.

Real Property.

  • Performs audits of completed real estate acquisitions and/or disposed actions for all civil projects and Army/Air Force installations in district boundaries.
  • Maintain and execute permanent real estate historical records.
  • Conduct real property surveys at each civil installation on a three-year cycle.
  • Reconcile real property with F&A ledger accounts on a annual basis.

Real Estate Management and Disposal

Administers the management and disposal of real property for both civil works and military projects. Processes requests for payment of benefits under PL 91-646 (relocation assistance) and completes the following:

  • Reports excess civil and military lands or improvements to GSA
  • Administers the sale of timber, crops, hay, etc., on civil and military lands
  • Administers the sale and removal of government-owned improvements surplus to the needs of the military and civil works projects
  • Investigates and recommends resolution of encroachments on government property
  • Investigates and proposes/effects resolution of boundary questions and disputes
  • Plans and executes exchanges of civil works and military real property
  • Administers and manages timber resources within the district's area of responsibility
  • Provides the Southwestern Division Office with expert technical advice and assistance in all aspects of the Forest Products Disposal Program
  • Reviews, processes, and administers grants for use and occupancy of civil and military real property
  • Develops Interim Land Management Plans and assists in preparation of Project Master Plans, as required
  • Performs compliance inspections of civil works and military outgrants
  • Processes Relocation Assistance applications
  • Performs utilization inspections of civil works projects
  • Performs executive order surveys and studies of civil works projects
  • Administers oil and gas leasing activities on civil works and military properties
  • Prepares reports on annexations and retrocessions of jurisdiction
  • Administers the sale of homes acquired under the Homeowners Assistance Program