Planning Section

Mission : We are responsible for initiating studies of various water resources related projects and developing recommendations to Congress on the appropriateness of funding these projects. These studies involve flood risk management, navigation, shore protection, environmental restoration and recreation. The Planning and Environmental Branch provides the district expertise in plan formulation, environmental planning and economic analysis and is responsible for the Continuing Authorities Program and Planning Assistance to States programs, which provide information and assistance on water resource concerns to the public.

Project Review Plans

• City of Corpus Christi Mary Rhodes Water Intake CAP 14 (Review Plan) (Approval Memo)

• Matagorda County Nature Center CAP 14 (Review Plan) (Approval Memo)

• Galveston Island Coastal Erosion CAP 204 (Review Plan) (Approval Memo)

• Addicks and Barker Dam Safety Project (Review Plan-PED) (Approval Memo

• Alligator Bayou Pump Station Section 408 Permit Request (Review Plan) (Approval Memo)

• Bayport Flare Review Plan

Brazos Island Harbor Project Review Plan

• Brazos River Floodgates-Colorado River Locks (Review Plan) (Approval Memo)

• Buffalo Bayou & Tributaries Resiliency Study (Review Plan) (Approval Memo)

• Cedar Bayou Dredged Material Management Plan (Review Plan) (Approval Memo)

• Chocolate Bayou DMMP, Brazoria County, Texas) (Review Plan)  (Approval Memo

• Chocolate Bay, Brazoria County, Texas  (Review Plan) (Approval Memo)

Clear Creek 

• Coastal Texas Feasibility (Review Plan) (Approval Memo

• Corpus Christi Ship Channel, Texas, La Quinta Expansion, Feasibility Study (Review Plan) (Approval Memo)

• Corpus Christi Ship Channel, Texas, La Quinta Ship Channel Extension Deepening Project, Section 204(f) Federal Assumption of Maintenance, Feasibility report (Review Plan) (Approval Memo

• Corpus Christi Ship Channel (LRR & Section 902 Analysis) (Review Plan) (Approval Memo)

• Corpus Christi Ship Channel, La Quinta Ship Channel Deepening Project Section 204(f) (Review Plan) (Approval Memo

• Freeport Harbor Channel Improvement Project, Texas, General Reevaluation Study (Approval Memo and Review Plan)

• Freeport Harbor 

• Gulf Intracoastal Waterway, Coastal Resilience Study, Texas (Approval Memo and Review Plan)

• Gulf Intracoastal Waterway (High Island to Brazos Realignments

• Gulf Intracoastal Waterway (Port O'Connor to Corpus Christi Section 216 Study) (Review Plan) (Approval Memo

• Gulf Intracoastal Waterway (Mooring Basin Modifications (Review Plan) (Approval Memo

• Houston Ship Channel 45-Foot Expansion Channel Improvement Project (HSC ECIP), Texas Pre-Construction Engineering and Design (PED) (PED Review Plan for Contract 1 Segment 1A Oyster Mitigation at Dollar Reef) (PED Review Plan for Packages 2 through 9) (Approval Memo for both PED Review Plans

• Houston Ship Channel 45-Foot Expansion Channel Improvement Project (HSC ECIP), Texas Feasibility Study (Review Plan)(Approval Memo

• Houston-Galveston Navigation Channels, Limited Reevaluation Report and Section 902 Analysis (Review Plan) (Approval Memo)

• Houston-Galveston Navigation Channels, Texas (Galveston Harbor Channel Extension (Review Plan) (Approval Memo)

• Houston Ship Channel Project Deficiency Report, Houston-Galveston Navigation Channels, Texas (Review Plan) (Approval Memo

• Hunting Bayou (Review Plan) (Approval Memo)

• Jacintoport Assumption of Maintenance (Review Plan

• Jefferson County Shoreline, Texas Feasibility Study (Approval Memo and Review Plan)

• Matagorda Ship Channel, Texas Feasibility Study (Section 216) (Review Plan) (Approval Memo)

Raymondville Drain 

• Resacas (Review Plan) (Approval Memo)

• Resaca (CAP) (Review Plan) (Approval Memo)

• Sabine Neches Waterway (Final Work Plan, Cover Page, Project Review Plan, April 2002 Update with Amendment, Section 905 (B) Analysis)

• Sabine Pass to Galveston Bay  (Approval Memo and Review Plan) 

• White Oak  (Review Plan) (Approval Memo




Playing a Vital Role

Planning plays a vital role in supporting the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Civil Works water resources development mission. Planning is a structured, rational approach to solving problems. It is also a creative process requiring experience, analysis, intuition and inspiration. Planners help decision-makers identify water resources problems, conceive solutions to them and compare the importance of the inevitable conflicting values inherent in any solution. In accord with ER 25-1-8, following are the functional tasks:

*Oversee and develop the Civil Works planning mission
*Develop and maintain policy doctrine
*Promote a capable workforce
*Build and maintain external relationships and coalitions
*Promote PCoP communication
*Enhance the learning organization

Members of the planning team are professionals in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers with expertise in water resources planning, including plan formulation, environmental evaluation, cultural resources evaluation, Civil Works Policy and public involvement. Planning knowledge and skill is used to solve problems and inform decision making across Civil Works business lines and through the project development and implementation process.

For more information pertaining to policy, guidance, processes, and tools that are used every day in planning, please visit our Planning Toolbox.

Galveston District Planning Section

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