Headquarters Publications

This collection of publications is the single official repository for official U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' engineering regulations, engineering circulars, engineering manuals and other official public documents originating from Headquarters USACE.

In order to read or print these documents, you must download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader available at http://www.adobe.com.

These publications are provided in secure portable document format. Our document security allows for reading, high resolution printing and accessibility for the blind. Visit http://www.publications.usace.army.mil/.

District Publications

Congressional Report: An annual communications publication outlining all construction projects, operations and maintenance efforts and authorized studies tailored to each congressional district within the district. Reports are distributed electronically to community leaders and congressional representatives, including both Texas and Louisiana senators.

District Brochure: A 12-page communications product created to inform and educate internal and external audiences about the district’s mission. This was graphically designed by the PAO.

Employee Spotlight: A monthly feature story highlighting Corps employees. The spotlights represent a diverse cross-section of the Corps’ departments and offices along the Texas coast and is disseminated to media outlets nationwide.

“Q&A” Series: Produced to inform readers about topics the PAO frequently receives from the public. The articles continue to garner a 100% placement in newspapers and online media outlets and online community news sites.

Southwestern Division Publication

Pacesetter: A quarterly publication produced by the Southwestern Division to highlight its districts' (Fort Worth, Galveston, Little Rock, and Tulsa) professional achievements and its staff's personal accomplishments.


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