Updated Real Estate Application Now Available

Real Estate Instructions Document (Current as of April 2017)  Real Estate Application Form (Current as of January 2020): This application is designed to help applicants seeking to use government-controlled property within the Galveston District's area of responsibility to provide the specific information needed to assess such requests. Applications are required to be submitted on the current form. Previous versions (prior to April 2017) will be returned and applicants will be asked to resubmit using the latest version of the application. Please continue to check our webpage are planning several updates to address questions and concerns applicants may have.


Click here to download the Frequently Asked Questions or email us at SWG-RE@USACE.Army.mil for more information and to provide us with feedback concerning this updated application. You can also call 409-766-3800.


Real Estate Division

 Negotiates for fee title and lesser interests in real estate by purchase, lease, exchange, donation or transfer from government agencies.  

  • Performs all negotiations in acquiring land, easements, rights-of-way and other lesser interests by direct purchase for civil and military missions.
  • Negotiates and administers all lease hold estates acquired for civil and military use.
  • Requests assignment of GSA-controlled space (both leased and government-owned) for military and civil use. Administers such space and requests its release when no longer needed.

Administers the Homeowners Assistance Program for the central United States. Coordinates the HAP with the Management and Disposal, Appraisal, Acquisition and Planning and Control branches. Processes requests for payment of benefits under PL 89-754.

  • Requests and coordinates a Market Impact Study on each announced installation closure or realignment.
  • Schedules and conducts all internal and external meetings associated with the management of the HAP. Disseminates all media announcements for HAP. Notifies all public and elected officials of HAP in their areas.
  • Maintains the Homeowners Assistance Program Management Information System.

Develop, direct and execute planning and financial operations for Real Estate programs. Responsibilities include functional development of Real Estate activities in support of the civil and military communities.

Local Cooperation Project Manager

  • Performs and/or coordinates Real Estate functions for local cooperation projects and serves as a team member on the project development team.
  • Develops and prepares real estate plans for study and engineering documents including reconnaissance and feasibility reports, detailed projects reports and design memoranda. Coordinates necessary work to be done in support of these plans by other Real Estate branches.
  • Maintains liaison with community leaders and key local sponsor personnel during planning, execution and close out of real estate acquisition. This includes providing assistance in planning efforts, participating the initial landowner meetings, monitoring progress of acquisition, consulting on issues related to compliance with Federal statutory requirements and processing of requests for credit.
  • Maintains database, Real Estate files and map files on local cooperation projects.
Galveston District Real Estate Division

Mailing Address:
USACE Galveston District
P.O. Box 1229
Galveston, TX 77553-1229

Email: swg-re@usace.army.mil
Fax: 409-766-3863

Real Estate

The Real Estate office:

  • Acquires, manages and disposes of real estate for the Department of the Army
  • Executes DoD executive agent responsibilities
  • Executes specialized programs
  • Provides real estate services on an as-needed basis to our government partners and
  • Performs unique contingency capabilities

Defense Environmental Restoration Program

Initiate and execute the Real Estate Environmental Restoration Program for the district.


  • Responsible for the preparation of the planning document for all military and civil projects.
  • Prepares Real Estate planning reports for military projects and design memorandums for civil works projects for requesting approval and subsequent authorization and funding of projects.
  • Plans, coordinates, and presents real estate public meetings for new authorized projects including the preparation of wall maps, mailing notices to the public, preparing speech for presentation by the district engineer, and preparation of Land Acquisition Procedure brochures.
  • Prepares real estate cost estimates and schedules of work performance for land acquisition in the planning and development of civil and military programs to accomplish the real estate mission. Maintains operational and control records to determine effectiveness and economy of program execution.