Levee Safety Program

Public safety is the primary focus of the Levee Safety Program. The Levee Safety Program is an integral component of a broad, national flood risk management effort that employs a system-wide approach to flood risk management and embraces shared responsibility. In order for the Levee Safety Program to be effective, USACE implements inspections of its levees on a continuous and periodic basis using state of the art technology and consistent risk methodologies. All Levee Safety Program activities will be communicated accurately and timely to drive action. Learn more about the USACE Levee Safety Program.

Learn more about the USACE Galveston District's levees.

VIDEO: Know the difference between a dam and a levee? USACE uses both to reduce flood risks, but they are very different structures. Simply, levees create higher boundaries around a community or property against a river. Dams hold back massive amounts of water for release when appropriate. Over the years our dams and levees have saved lives and prevented tens of billions of dollars in property damage. Learn more.

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