Waterways Management Section

The Waterways Management Section (WMS) of the Galveston District supports the USACE Galveston District Operations Division - Navigation Branch missions through delivering products and services in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Business Intelligence (BI), and data analytics/visualizations. WMS supports various national USACE enterprise initiatives including eHydro, National Sediment Management Framework (NSMF), Dredging Information Systems (DIS), and Regional Sediment Management (RSM).

Areas of Support


The Waterways Mangement Section creates and maintains WebGIS products, and digital services related to the Operations Division of the Galveston District.  These products provide consistent, up to date information on the USACE SWG Operations Division's ongoing and upcoming activities. 

Operations Division Dashboard  |  Hydrographic Survey Dashboard | National Channel Framework

Channel Conditions 

WMS maintains the USACE eHydro enterprise for the Galveston District area of responsibility. Ehydro is a national GIS navigation tool that provides information on navigation channel conditions and allows public access to past and current channel conditions. As a critical part of eHydro, the National Channel Framework (NCF) is the authoritative dataset of federal channels, and is used to create charts for navigation. 

National Channel Framework | eHydro | Galveston District Hydrographic Survey 

Placement Areas 

The National Sediment Management Framework (NSMF) is a USACE enterprise-level GIS layer of dredge material placement area (PA) and sediment borrow area boundaries. WMS manages the Galveston district portion of this dataset. PAs are critical to supporting the ongoing effort of maintaining the nation's waterways. A placement area is a federally authorized disposal site for dredged material. Routine placement area improvements are critical in order to create sufficient disposal capacity for future dredging projects. 

National Sediment Management Framework

Beneficial Use

WMS leverages GIS solutions, tools, products and enterprise USACE databases to capture ongoing Beneficial Use of Dredged Material (BUDM) activities at SWG. WMS supports future beneficial use project planning by working with operations managers to deliver their 5-year dredging plans as publicly accessible GIS datasets through the USACE SWG Beneficial Use Hub to better aid in the beneficial use planning process. Additionally, WMS works with the Operations Division environmental team to maintain the Ocean Dredged Material Disposal Site (ODMDS) geodatabase.

USACE SWG Beneficial Use Hub

Land Use

Coordination with Galveston District Navigation and Project Operations branch is required under Section 408 Authority if a proposed non-Federal project is anticipated to interfere with the O&M of a Federal Navigation or Flood Risk Management Project.  WMS facilitates the 408 process through interpretation of geospatial and pipeline data provided by applicants.

SWG Land Use Web GIS Viewer

Mapping Gallery

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