US Army Corps of Engineers
Galveston District

Land Use

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Galveston District has real estate interests over lands for various purposes, including operations and maintenance of its navigation and flood risk management projects. These interests include fee ownership, perpetual easements, navigational servitude, rights-of-way, etc.

Non-federal entities often wish to gain access to these lands for various purposes. Some examples of these non-federal uses include: installation of temporary structures, staging areas for non-federal projects, installation of pipelines, disposal of dredged material, agricultural and recreational uses, etc.

n order to allow non-federal entities to use these properties, USACE will issue an Outgrant. An Outgrant is a written, legal document that authorizes the right to use real property managed by the USACE and establishes the timeframe, consideration, conditions and restrictions of its use.

Coordination with the Galveston District is required in order to use these lands. Depending on the scope and location of the non-federal project, coordination with one, or all, of the following Galveston District offices may be required: Regulatory Division, Real Estate Division and/or Operations Division.


·        Coordination with the Galveston Regulatory Division Office ‘will’ be required if the non-Federal project proposes work in, or around, Waters of the United States and/or Wetland areas.  The non-Federal entity must coordinate directly with the Galveston District Regulatory Division to determine whether a USACE Regulatory Permit is required for the project.  If required, the USACE Regulatory Permit must be obtained prior to requesting a USACE Outgrant.


·        Coordination with the Galveston District Real Estate Division Office ‘will’ be required in order to obtain an Outgrant.  Requesting as Outgrant is initiated by the non-Federal entity by completing and submitting a Real Estate Application.  The Galveston District Real Estate Application can be found on the Real Estate Outgrants Webpage.


 ·        Coordination with the Galveston District Operations Division ‘will’ be required if the proposed non-Federal project is anticipated to interfere with the Operations and Maintenance of a Federal Navigation or Flood Risk Management Project.  Although the Galveston District Real Estate Office will ultimately issue the Outgrant for use of Federal lands, if the non-Federal entity anticipates that their proposed project may interfere with Federal Operations and Maintenance, it is recommended that the respective Operations Manager be contacted in advance of submitting the Real Estate Application.