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Upon taking the oath to become an Army leader, Soldiers and Army civilians enter into a sacred agreement with the nation and their subordinates. The men and women of the U.S. Army are capable of extraordinary feats of courage and sacrifice as they have proven on countless battlefields from the Revolutionary War to the War on Terrorism. These Soldiers and Army civilians display great patience, persistence and tremendous loyalty as they perform their duty to the nation in thousands of orderly rooms, offices, motor pools and training areas around the world, no matter how difficult, tedious, or risky the task. In return, they deserve competent, professional and ethical leadership. They expect their Army leaders to respect them as valued members of  effective and cohesive organizations and to embrace the essence of leadership.


Col. Lars Zetterstrom
District Engineer
Commanding Officer
Galveston District

Dr. Edmond Russo Jr.
Deputy District Engineer
Galveston District

Lt. Col. Jay T. Luckritz
Deputy District Commander
Galveston District


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