The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Galveston District was established Feb. 25, 1880, as the first engineer district in Texas to oversee river and harbor improvements. It continues to play a key role in America’s well-being by keeping waterways open for navigation and commerce and serves the nation as part of the world’s largest public engineering, design and construction management agency.

Encompassing the Texas coast from Louisiana to Mexico; an area that spans across 50,000 square miles, contains more than 1,000 miles of channels (750 shallow-draft and 250 deep-draft) serving 28 ports and 700 miles of coastline, the district successfully executes its mission of providing vital public engineering services in peace and war to strengthen our nation’s security, energize the economy and reduce risks from disasters.

With its 500 dedicated professionals, the Galveston District continues to provide valuable navigation, flood risk mitigation, ecosystem restoration, shoreline protection, regulatory services, military construction and emergency management services to our nation and remains fully committed to continuing our mission of "BUILDING STRONG."

Former District Commanders

Brig. Gen. Samuel M. Mansfield (1880-1886)
Maj. Gen. Oswald H. Ernst (1886-1889)
Maj. Charles J. Allen (1889-1893)
Col. Alexander M. Miller (1893-1897)
Col. Charles S. Riche (1897-1898)
Col. James B. Quinn (1898)
Col. Charles S. Riche (1898-1903)        
Lt. Gen. Edgar Jadwin (1903-1907) (COE: 1926-1929) 
Col. J.C. Oakes (1907-1910)
Brig. Gen. G.P. Howell (1910-1911)
Col. E.I. Brown (1911-1912)
Col. Charles S. Riche (1912-1916)  
Col. E.N. Johnston (1916-1917)
Maj. R.C. Smead (Maj. C.E.-ORC) (1917-1919)
Col. Spencer Cosby (1919-1920)
Col. L.M. Adams (1920-1924)
Col. B.B. Browne (1924)  
Maj. Gen. Julian L. Schley (1924-1928) (COE, 1937-1941)
Col. B.B. Browne (1924-1927)
Col. Milo P. Fox (1928-1933)
Brig. Gen. E.M. Marks (1933-1937)
Col. F.S. Besson (1937-1941)
Col. L.H. Hewitt (1941-1942)
Col. W.G. Saville (1942-1943)
Col. J.H. Anderson (1943-1944)
Col. H.M. Yost (1944-1945)
Col. David W. Griffiths (1945-1947)
Maj. Gen. B.L. Robinson (1947-1949)
Maj. Gen. E.I. Davis (1949-1951) 

Col. J.D. Lang (1951-1954)
Col. W.P. McCrone (1954-1957)
Col. E.A. Hansen (1957-1960)
Col. H.C. Brown (1960-1961)
Col. J.S. Maxwell (1961-1964)
Col. J.E. Unverferth (1964-1967)
Col. Franklin B. Moon (1967-1970)
Col. Nolan Rhodes (1970-1973)
Col. Don S. McCoy (1973-1976)
Col. Jon C. Vanden Bosch (1976-1979)           
Col. James M. Sigler (1979-1982)
Col. Alan L. Laubscher (1982-1985)
Col. Gordon M. Clarke (1985-1987)
Col. John A. Tudela (1987-1989)
Col. Brink P. Miller (1989-1992)
Col. John P. Basilotto (1992-1994)
Col. Robert B Gatlin (1994-1996)
Col. Eric R. Potts (1996-1998)
Col. Nicholas J. Buechler (1998-2001)
Col. Leonard Waterworth (2001-2004)
Col. Steven Haustein (2004-2006)
Col. David C. Weston (2006-2010)
Col. Christopher W. Sallese (2010-2013)
Col. Richard P. Pannell (2013-2016)
Col. Lars N. Zetterstrom (2016-2019)
Col. Timothy R. Vail (2019-2022)

Col. Rhett A. Blackmon (2022-present)