USACE Galveston District employees Building Strong in Afghanistan

Published Jan. 1, 2012

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Galveston District, has been a supporter of the war efforts in both Iraq and Afghanistan, contributing dedicated military and government personnel to war zones for more than a decade.

“The USACE Galveston District has continued to deliver support to combat operations since 2001,” said Col. Christopher W. Sallese, Galveston District commander. “Since the war efforts began, five military and 34 civilians have deployed while assigned to the Galveston District in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.”

Today, the Galveston District continues to support overseas contingency operations with six employees currently deployed to Afghanistan.

Steve Ireland, a physical scientist in the district’s Environmental Section, Planning, Environmental, and Regulatory Division, deployed to Afghanistan Jan. 17, 2011, as an environmental engineer.

The Environmental Branch understands the importance of resolving environmental issues in a combat zone and is very supportive of Ireland’s deployment.

“We all admire Steve's patriotism and commitment in his second deployment to a war zone, as he previously deployed to Iraq,” said Carolyn Murphy, chief of the district’s Environmental Branch. “He will provide much needed assistance in resolving environmental issues and providing environmental services in Afghanistan in support of the war effort.”

Robert (Bob) Peel, a program analyst in the district’s Programs Management Branch, Programs and Project Management Division, has been deployed to Afghanistan in 2009 as a program analyst.

“We’re proud of Bob’s willingness to deploy in support of our troops overseas,” said Volker Schmidt, chief of the district’s Programs Management Branch. “His work as a program analyst will bring lasting impacts to those overseas.”

Joshua (Josh) Adekanbi, a civil engineer in the district’s Construction Branch, Engineering and Construction Division, deployed to Afghanistan Jan. 4, 2011, as a project engineer.

“Josh's willingness to deploy overseas on multiple occasions is testament to his dedication and commitment to support the Galveston District, Corps of Engineers and our nation's Armed Forces,” said Donald W. Carelock, chief of the district’s Construction Branch. “His selflessness and the sacrifices made by both him and his family to fulfill critical USACE needs are reflective of his outstanding character and integrity.”

“All of us in the Construction Branch are proud of the impact his work as a civil engineer is making and will continue to pray for and look forward to his safe return,” said Carelock.

William (Bill) Kiddy, a supervisory civil engineer in the district’s Northern Area Office, deployed to Afghanistan Nov. 14, 2010, as a supervisory civil engineer.

"We have the highest admiration for our team members, such as Bill, who willingly accept the challenges and adversity of deployment into a contingency environment,” said Dale Walters, acting chief of the district’s Northern Area Office.

Louis Esqueda, a construction control representative in the district’s Rio Grande Valley Resident Office, deployed to Afghanistan Jan. 23, 2011, as a construction representative.

“We’re very proud of Louis’s willingness to deploy in support of our mission in Afghanistan, as he is into his second year in support of this effort,” said Kenneth (Chip) Worley, Rio Grande Valley Resident Office Engineer with the Galveston District. “Having served 24 years in the Armed Forces myself, I understand what a sacrifice this is to both him and his family. His work as a quality control representative will bring lasting impacts to the people of Afghanistan.”

Celia Cockburn, a contract specialist in the district’s Execution Branch, Contracting Division, is scheduled to deploy to Afghanistan as a contract specialist in March 2011.

“I ask that you keep our deployed employees and their families in your thoughts as they continue our mission abroad,” said Sallese. “The Corps family has always been a strong one, and together we will continue the Corps motto of ‘Building Strong!’”