Requesting Speakers from the Galveston District

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Galveston District (USACE/SWG) receives hundreds of requests each year from associations and industry-based groups for speakers to participate in external meetings, conferences and workshops in the Greater Houston area and across Texas.

The Office of Public Affairs (PAO) is responsible for handling these requests and works closely with SWG program offices to plan industry programs and to identify the appropriate speakers and topics that support our operations, programs, regulatory, and environmental compliance mission-oriented activities.


How to Submit Cross-Agency Requests

How: To request speakers from across SWG, please read Speaker Requests for instructions below on how to submit a request. The next step is to fill out the Speakers Bureau Request Form.  This form streamlines and enhances speaker request clearances internally and allows us to ensure we have all the information we need to make an informed decision on our ability to support your event.

When: For events within the contiguous United States, we prefer 1-2 months' advance notice. For out-of-state or international events, please allow 4 month’s advance.

What do I need before filling out the questionnaire:

  • Name, date and location of the event
  • Name of organization(s) sponsoring the event
  • Invitation letter and agenda (PDFs and Word documents smaller than 5MB are acceptable, including active HTML links to web pages or websites)
  • Topic of speakers’ presentation and desired length of presentation
  • Targeted audience and expected number of attendees
  • Organization contact information (name, phone/fax number, email)
  • Complete program agenda with all invited speaker(s) and topic(s) (draft agenda is acceptable)
  • Specify media coverage (i.e., general media and/or trade press)
  • Other pertinent information

What happens after a request has been submitted:

PAO works closely with the various program offices across SWG to determine the appropriate speaker. If more information is needed, PAO will work with the requesting organization to gather it.

Some factors that might be used in considering requests include: timeliness of the topic, geographic location of the event, the event’s target audience, SWG staff availability, expected number of attendees and availability of funds to cover travel costs (if necessary).

Once your request has been processed, PAO will contact you letting you know if your request has been approved and providing you with contact information for the speaker(s) who will be supporting your event.

Who to contact with questions: Please email with questions.