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    Crab trap roundup keeps fish and boaters safe

    A heavily bundled up man looks out over the murky waters of the Trinity River. A thick overcast is muting the sunrise sky to a washed out gray. His bright orange jacket stands out like highlighter marks on dull white paper. He waits for the thumbs up from his comrades on the airboat below. Within seconds, the mechanical lock gates create a stir in the still water. Salt and fresh water collide, waking up wildlife along the Wallisville Lake Project. Egrets and pelicans—the proverbial early birds—are getting their fill.
  • Galveston hosts Winter 2022 Stakeholder Partnering Forum

    The Galveston District hosted the winter edition of our biannual Stakeholder Partnering Forum (SPF) at the Texas A&M University Galveston Campus Feb. 23-24, 2022. The theme of the SPF was: “Environmental and Social Justice: Integral to Comprehensive Coastal Resiliency.”
  • BHM panel discussions create meaningful conversations

    The Galveston District celebrated Black History Month with a series of weekly panel discussions throughout the month of February 2022.