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SWG-2018-00957 - Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP - Cow Bayou - Orange County, Texas

Published Dec. 4, 2019
Expiration date: 1/6/2020

Public Notice          Project Plans          Dredge Material Management Plan          Conceptual Compensatory Mitigation Plan         

Restoration Plan for Temporary Impacts          Alternative Analysis

PROJECT DESCRIPTION:  The applicant proposes to discharge approximately 506,403.63 cubic yards of earthen and concrete fill material into approximately 284.19 acres of wetlands to construct a petrochemical facility.  The applicant proposed to temporarily impact 0.88 acres of wetlands.  A breakdown of estimated permanent wetland impacts is listed in Table 1.  A breakdown of estimated stream impacts is listed in Table 2. 

Table 1:  Proposed Project Impacts                                            

                                                                                                         New                      ATF                     Total

Palustrine Emergent (PEM), acres                                             111.09                  10.21                   121.30

Palustrine Scrub Shrub (PSS), acres                                          4.51                      8.93                     13.44

Palustrine Forested (PFO), acres                                               18.59                    92.86                   111.45

                                                                                                        134.19                  112.00                 246.19

                              Unverified additional wetlands, acres                                                                   38.00

                              Total estimated impacts                                                                                           284.19

Table 2:  Stream Impacts                               

                                                                                                        New                     ATF                      Total

Streams (linear Feet)                                                                   23722.00             545.00                 24267.00

The entire project site is approximately 1,810 acres in size.  Construction will include the following features:

•             Ethane Cracking Unit

•             Polyethylene Units

•             Rail and Truck Loading/Unloading

•             Storage in Transit Rail Yard

•             Wastewater Treatment Plant

•             Wastewater outfall and pipe

•             Borrow Pit

•             Office Buildings

•             Facility Access Roads

•             Storm Water Management Features

•             Pipeline Metering Station

•             Utilities

•             Construction Support Facilities - Laydown Areas, Contractor Service Areas, Parking and Access Roads, Barge slip, Dock, and Heavy Haul Road

The construction barge slip is proposed to be excavated from uplands, and mechanically dredged in a section of Cow Bayou.  The slip is proposed to be 75-foot-wide and 260-foot-long, and dredged to a depth of -12.89 feet below mean lower low water, with a 2-foot overdredge.  A 500-foot sheet pile bulkhead will be constructed at the shoreline, around the edge of the slip.  Approximately 21,298 cubic yards of material, will be dredged from Cow Bayou.  Approximately 10,914 cubic yards of fill, will be excavated from uplands to construct the barge slip.  No maintenance dredging is proposed.  Dredged material will initially be placed into an onshore decant area to dewater.  Once dewatered, the material will be placed in a dredge material placement area on the CP Chem site, if it is suitable for placement.  If it is not suitable for placement, it will be transported to an authorized disposal facility.