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SWG-2007-01401 - Energy Transfer Nederland Terminal, LLC - Neches River - Jefferson County, Texas

USACE Galveston District
Published March 30, 2023
Expiration date: 5/1/2023

Public Notice          Project Plans


The applicant proposes to modify Department of the Army (DA) Permit SWG-2007-01401 to permanently discharge fill into an additional 331.181 acres of palustrine emergent (PEM), scrub-shrub (PSS) and forested (PFO) wetlands and 10.74 acres / 5,804 linear feet of water bodies, including 1,611 feet of shoreline along the Neches River, for facility expansion and reconfiguration at and adjacent to the Energy Transfer Nederland Terminal.  The modified project boundary is inclusive of areas previously authorized for discharge of fill and dredging, resulting in impacts to a total of 465.947 acres of wetlands and 16.71 acres (7,281 linear feet) of water bodies within the expanded project footprint.  The modified impacts also include temporary impacts to 0.31 acre (97 linear feet) of streams.  All wetlands and waterbodies that were previously authorized for temporary impact are now proposed to be permanently impacted within the expanded project footprint.


Modified project components include additional dredging to construct the new Dock 7 and Materials Offloading (MOF) Dock at the terminal facility.  Approximately 304,000 cubic yards of material within an approximate 9.2-acre area of the Neches River will be dredged to a depth of -42 feet Mean Lower Low Water (MLLW) and 356,000 cubic yards of material will be excavated within an approximately 8.01-acre area of land adjacent to the river to accommodate the construction and operation of Dock 7 and the MOF Dock.  Approximately 272.07 cubic yards of material will be discharged below the Mean High Water (MHW) line of 1,300 linear feet of the Neches River, and 627.93 cubic yards of material will be discharged in 0.95 acre of adjacent wetlands, for the installation of shoreline revetment at Dock 7 and the MOF Dock.  Fill used onsite will consist of material dredged from the Neches River for Dock 7/MOF Dock construction, material dredged from the Neches River for the previously approved Dock C modifications, material excavated from federal Placement Area 23, and clean fill brought in from offsite.  General fill material will consist of 6,466,961 cubic yards, with additional fill material of 622,261 cubic yards of crushed limestone and 12,280 cubic yards for concrete culverts and revetment.  This modification incorporates all previously authorized project components in the permit modification issued on 27 May 2022 (see Background), including the modifications to Dock C structures and dredging, as well as 10 years of maintenance dredging at all other previously authorized docks (A-B Barge Dock, Dock 1, Dock 2, Dock 3, Dock 4, Dock 5, Dock 6, Layberth A, and Layberth D) and placement of dredged material, to include associated effluent discharge, onsite within the new development areas.  The applicant is requesting authorization for 10 years for all project components.


The applicant stated that the purpose of the project is to build new and modernize existing facilities and infrastructure at Energy Transfer’s Nederland Terminal that will allow for the manufacture, storage, and transfer of petroleum products onto deep draft vessels bound for domestic and export markets.