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SWG-2000-02732 - Blue Water Resort, Inc. - Brazoria County

Published Jan. 8, 2015
Expiration date: 2/9/2015

Full Public Notice    Project Plans    Mitigation Plans    TCEQ Tier II Checklist    Aquatic Resource Map

The applicant proposes to retain fill/discharge fill material into 3.61 acres of non-tidal wetlands, 0.51 acre of tidal wetlands, 0.23 acre of tidal waters associated with the construction of a recreational resort along a man-made canal.  Additionally, the applicant proposes to impact/retain 7.41 acres of tidal waters associated with dredging activities.  The applicant’s plans are attached in 28 sheets.  Specifically, the applicant proposes to:


•     Restored unauthorized discharge of fill material into 0.10 acre of wetlands

•     Removal of existing piers at south end of canal

Request to Retain:

•     Retain dredged area:  60-foot-wide by 5,675-foot-long by -4 depth at MLT

•     Retain previously authorized fill material

•     Retain unauthorized fill material

•     Retain partial impacts to 20-foot-wide buffer area along eastern side of canal


•     Proposed dredged area:  60-foot-wide by 225-foot-long by -4 depth at MLT at south end of canal

•     Proposed dredged area:  60-foot-wide by 400-foot-long by -4 depth at MLT near north end of canal

•     Proposed dredged area:  150-foot-wide by 75-foot-long by -4 depth at MLT near mouth of canal

•     Proposed replacement of 260 linear feet of existing bulkhead near south end of canal

•     Proposed new 100-foot-long bulkhead along south end of canal

•     Proposed new 2,800-foot-long bulkhead along east side of canal with a 30-foot-long wing wall at the end

•     Proposed bulkhead backfill

•     Proposed relocation of existing 20-foot-wide by 60-foot-long boat ramp (back fill the existing boat ramp and create a new boat ramp near the end of the 2,800-foot-long bulkhead).

•     Proposed two new 15-foot-wide by 30-foot-long boat docks located on each side of the proposed boat ramp.

•     Proposed additional fill material in previously authorized area, unauthorized areas, and uplands in a 200-foot-wide by 1,700-foot-long area on the      eastern side of the canal for the recreational vehicle area, pad site, parking area, recreational area, lavatory, and road.