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SWG-2013-00042 - Texas City Terminal Railway Company - Galveston County

Published Feb. 17, 2016
Expiration date: 3/18/2016

Full Public Notice     Project Plans

The applicant proposes to amend the existing dredging permit by adding the following components:  expansion of dredging area and depth; performing work, including demolition of existing structures; installation of a sheet pile bulkhead, installation of articulated concrete mat; construction of a dock and appurtenances; mooring berthing dolphins; and performing other activities in uplands.  Specifically, the proposed project includes the following components:

*         Demolish existing structures over waters of the U.S. including various buildings, paved areas, and fencing; an existing 320-foot dock; three dry docks; and 920-linear-foot existing bulkhead.

*         Construct 1,193 linear feet of dock, including the maximum extent of mooring dolphins.

*         Excavate approximately 431,000 cubic yards from 2.2 acres of upland area and convert to open water.

*         Dredging of a 9.2 acres berthing area to 47 feet below mean low tide (MLT).  Dimensions of the currently authorized dredge area for Dock 42 would be extended by 8.9 acres.

*         Dredging in waters of the U.S. will be accomplished by hydraulic cutter suction dredge or mechanical dredge.

*         The dredged material is proposed to be disposed of at Shoal Point Terminal Dredge Material Placement Areas (DMPA)

*         Maintenance dredging:  Based on average shoaling rates of dredge areas in the vicinity, and with similar configuration, the annual maintenance volume is estimated to be 12,800 cubic yards of dredge material.  The Shoal Point Terminal DMPA’s have been authorized for placement under the previous permit authorization.

*         Installation of 840 linear feet of steel sheet pile bulkhead along the proposed shoreline.  No material is proposed for backfill along this bulkhead.

*         Installation of 45,000 square feet of articulated concrete mat in front of the bulkhead to prevent erosion along the bulkhead.  The proposed bathymetry along the bulkhead has been revised to include a 5’ horizontal span before sloping (3H:1V) to the project depth of -47 MLT.

The dock and associated mooring dolphins, as measured above, would extend 946 feet beyond the south facing bulkhead, or MHW.  The total surface area is described in the table below:

Dredge volumes and associated footprint are provided in the table below:

*Total area includes the amount previously authorized for Dock 42.