Houston Galveston Navigation Channel, Galveston Harbor Channel Extension

Project Overview

The Houston-Galveston Navigation Channel (HGNC) system consists of the deep draft navigation channels in Galveston Bay that provide access to the Port of Houston, Port of Galveston, and Port of Texas City from the Gulf of Mexico. The Galveston Harbor Channel is utilized by all vessels transiting to the Port of Galveston (POG). POG moved 12 million tons of cargo in 2021, ranking it 43rd among U.S ports and waterways for cargo by tonnage (per USACE Waterborne Commerce Statistics Center).

WRDA 1996 authorized deepening the Galveston Harbor Channel from 41 feet to 46 feet MLLW.  The deepening was completed in January 2011; however, the effort did not include the final 2,571 feet of channel as there were no port facilities in the area to justify federal investment at the time. In the intervening years, conditions changed and port facilities began utilizing this area of the channel. A feasibility study to evaluate deepening the remaining channel to 46 feet was completed and the Chief’s report was approved in 2017.  The project was funded by the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

The Galveston Harbor Channel Extension (GHCE) project aims to deepen the Galveston Harbor Channel portion of the HGNC. The project will improve navigation safety and operating efficiencies while reducing delays and is expected to contribute to the economic efficiency of commercial navigation in the region.

Dredge material placement is planned for the existing Pelican Island Placement Area.

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Project Authority

WRDA 2018, Section 1401(1)(3) PL 115-270, America’s Water Infrastructure Act of 2018

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For more information on the Galveston Harbor Channel Extension Project please contact:

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