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SWG-1995-01478 - ExxonMobil Oil Corporation - Neches River - Jefferson County, Texas

Published March 15, 2018
Expiration date: 4/16/2018

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Dredging at Dock #2, Dock #4, and Dock #5:  Dredging at these locations was previously authorized by Department of the Army (DA) Permit SWG-1998-00824 (formerly 13930) with maintenance dredging later authorized by DA Permit 11566.  Maintenance dredging permits have expired, but maintenance dredging of Dock #4 and Dock #5 was authorized by Nationwide Permit (NWP) after Hurricane Harvey.  The applicant desires to consolidate previously authorized dredging at these locations into a single permit.  The applicant requests dredge maintenance of these areas to a depth of -44 feet mean lower low water (MLLW).  Material would be hydraulically dredged.  The primary area for dredged material placement would be placement area (PA) 25A.  Alternate locations for dredged material placement would be PA 25, PA 26, or PA 16.

Coker Drum Offloading Site:  Dredging at this location was previously authorized by DA Permit SWG-1998-00824.  The applicant proposes mechanical excavation of approximately 100 cubic yards of material from this area.  Excavated material would be placed into roll off boxes, decanted, and dewatered material would be shipped for disposal into the Allied Waste Gulf West Landfill and/or the Golden Triangle Landfill.

Coke / Distillate Dock:  A new distillate dock is proposed for construction and would be collocated with an existing Coke dock area.  The proposed dock would be approximately 9,900-square-foot in size, including walkways and associated ancillary structures.  Existing mooring buoys and breasting dolphins will be removed and will be replaced with new mooring and breasting dolphins.  A new depth marker will be installed across from the dock.  Dredging in this area was previously authorized under DA Permit SWG-1995-01478 (formerly 20172).  The last maintenance dredging of this area was performed after Hurricane Harvey as an NWP under SWG-1998-00824, and was to a depth of -44 MLLW.  The existing dredge area is proposed to be modified to include dredging over a larger area to a depth of -44 feet MLLW. Approximately 125,000 cubic yards is proposed for hydraulic dredging for the distillate dock area.  Material would be placed into PA 25A, with alternate dredged material PAs as described above for Docks #2, #4, and #5.

New Material Offload Facility Dock:  A new Material Offload Facility Dock is proposed for construction.  The proposed dock and associated ancillary structures would be approximately 8,900-square-foot in size and associated barge monopiles and protection piles.  The placement of fill material and construction of the dock would result into impacts to a wetland area of 18.2-square-foot (0.0004-acre) in size.  New dredging in this area is proposed.  The applicant requests dredge the area to a depth of -18 feet MLLW.  Approximately 7,000 cubic yards of material would be dredged.  The applicant requests dredge maintenance of the area to maintain a depth of -18 MLLW.  Material would be placed PA 25A, with alternate dredged material PAs as described above for Docks #2, #4, and #5.