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SWG-2017-00657 - Union Pacific Railroad Company - multiple waters of the United States - Liberty County, Texas

Published April 17, 2018
Expiration date: 5/17/2018

Full Public Notice          Proposed Project Plans

PROJECT DESCRIPTION:  The applicant proposes to discharge fill material into waters of the U.S. during the construction and installation of a 2.25-mile-long siding track, adjacent to the existing mainline track.  The applicant proposes to fill nine wetlands and four stream segments to complete the following activities:  1) to replace track culverts at three locations; 2) to replace a bridge with a culvert; 3) to install one non-track culvert; 4) to construct two turnout pads; 5) to install trackside swales; 6) to install a crossing over siding track; 7) to construct a shore access road originating from a private road crossing at the southern end of the project; 8) to construct an access driveway from FM 1413 to the turnout pad; and 9) to relocate fencing to accommodate acquisition of right-of-way (ROW).


Feature Impact Summary for the Union Pacific – 2.25 mile-long Esperson Siding Track Project –Liberty County, Texas

Project Resource ID        Feature Type                     Temporary Construction Impacts (Acres/ Linear Feet)    Permanent Conversion (Fill) (Acres/ Linear Feet)      Project Component

W002                                     PSS1                                      0 acre                                                                                                    0.41 acre                                                                                 Siding track, turnout pad

W004                                     PSS1                                      0 acre                                                                                                    0.27 acre                                                                                 Siding track

W005                                     PFO1                                     0 acre                                                                                                    0.03 acre                                                                                 Culvert protection, riprap

W006                                     PEM1                                    0 acre                                                                                                    0.05 acre                                                                                 Siding track

W008                                     PSS1                                      0 acre                                                                                                    0.02 acre                                                                                 Culvert installation

W009                                     PSS1                                      0 acre                                                                                                    0.19 acre                                                                                 Siding track, culvert installation

W010                                     PSS1                                      0 acre                                                                                                    0.02 acre                                                                                Siding track

W011                                     PSS1                                      0 acre                                                                                                    0.14 acre                                                                                drainage

W012                                     PSS1                                      0 acre                                                                                                    0.17 acre                                                                                Siding track, drainage

S003                                       Perennial/R2UB3             0.16 acre/157 LF                                                                                0.07 acre/ 107 LF                                                            Culvert installation

S004                                       Ephemeral/R6                   0.00 acre                                                                                              <0.01 acre/ 33 LF                                                      Culvert installation

S006                                       Ephemeral/R6                   <0.01 acre/1 LF                                                                                  0.00 acre                                                                                Temporary construction workspace

S007                                       Manmade Pond/PUB3  0.02 acre/90 LF                                                                                  0.00 acre                                                                                Temporary construction workspace


*Acreage total inclusive of wetlands and manmade ponds