Houston Ship Channel Improvement Project

Project Overview

The Houston Ship Channel System is comprised of the Houston Ship Channel, Bayport Ship Channel, Barbours Cut Terminal Channel, and Greens Bayou. The Houston Ship Channel extends 52 miles from its juncture with the Texas City Channel at the entrance to Galveston Bay and terminates at its turning basin in the city of Houston.

There is a significant need to widen the Houston Ship Channel. Current channel conditions create restrictions that impact both safety of navigation and economic throughput. Dense vessel traffic increases risk of vessel collisions.  Also, certain vessel types are subject to channel depth and width constraints.  Objectives of Project 11 include:  reducing transportation costs; increasing channel efficiency, safety and maneuverability; developing environmentally suitable dredged material placement; and reducing high shoaling hot spots.

Channel modifications include widening the channel by 170 feet along the Galveston Bay reach (from 530 ft. to 700 ft.), deepening some upstream segments to 46.5 feet, improving turning basins, creating bend easings, and associated dredged material  placement.

Latest Update (10/23): USACE is currently working towards awarding Contract 7 which includes Barbours Cut. Design of the remaining channel and placement areas is also underway.

Project Partners

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Project Authority

Section 401(1) 7, Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) 2020,  (PL 116-260)

Current Project Phase

Contact Information

For more information on the Houston Ship Channel Improvement Project please contact:

Name:  Carlos Tate

Phone:  409-766-3819

Email: Carlos.D.Tate@usace.army.mil​ 
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Mailing Address:
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Galveston District
Houston Ship Channel Improvement project
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