Lower Rio Grande Valley Watershed Assessment

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The Lower Rio Grande Valley (LRGV), located along the southeastern most portion of US-Mexico border, bounded on the east by the Gulf of Mexico, is one of the fastest growing regions in the United States, with primary economic sectors including agriculture, retail service, manufacturing industries, tourism, and commercial fishing – all of which depend on reliable, and good quality water supplies. The LRGV Watershed Assessment study area consists of four counties with diverse socio-economic structures:  three coastal counties—Cameron, Willacy, and Kenedy—and a fourth interior county, Hidalgo.  This area includes the five major drainage pathways (flowing from west to east) in the region—the Raymondville Drain, the Hidalgo Main Drain, the International Boundary Water Commission’s (IBWC) Floodway, the Arroyo Colorado, and the Rio Grande River—along with numerous irrigation and drainage canals.  This area of complex hydrology experiences many extremes from extended droughts to flooding resulting from tropical storms and hurricanes.  

Persistent flooding problems exist due to low-lying lands, proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, rapid urbanization, and a lack of drainage infrastructure are affecting vulnerable populations characterized by pervasive poverty and a lack of resources.  The LRGV has historically been underserved, both in terms of demographic-related services and general federal and state investment. 

A Watershed Assessment is a comprehensive and strategic evaluation of water resources needs from any source, regardless of agency responsibilities, and provides a shared vision of a desired end state.  The assessment considers stakeholder input throughout the process to better understand the area’s water resource issues. The assessment may identify potential USACE projects consistent with priority missions; however, this is not the primary consideration of watershed planning. The final report will provide a strategic roadmap to inform future investment decisions by multiple agencies.

Latest Update (June 2024): USACE is currently working towards the Shared Vision Milestone. Please submit your comments on the Shared Vision Statement by July 24, 2024. 

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WRDA of 1986, Section 729, as amended in WRDA 2000, WRDA 2007

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