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Archive: 2012
  • SWG-2010-00846 Hidaldo County Water Improvement District No. 3

    Expiration date: 7/20/2012

    The applicant proposes to conduct mechanical dredging to remove 2,615 cubic yards of sediment from the intake channel of the District's pump stations along the U.S. bank of the Rio Grande and to make bank erosion repairs.
  • SWG-2004-01158 Tuscan Lakes Development II, L.P Galveston County

    Expiration date: 7/20/2012

    The applicant proposes to discharge fill material into 4.2 acres of wetlands during the construction and development of the southeast sector of an existing master planned mixed-use community.
  • Environmental Consultant List Update

    The Galveston District Regulatory Program is currently updating its Environmental Consultant list. This list is provided for information purposes only and is not intended to serve as an endorsement or as certification of the qualifications of those listed.
  • SWG-2011-01244 Cockrell Investment Partners, LP Harris County

    Expiration date: 7/9/2012

    The applicant proposes to discharge fill material into 13.13 acres of wetlands to raise the ground elevation to prepare the project site for development of a multi-use commercial development. The applicant also proposes to discharge fill material during the construction of several storm water detention basins associated with this development.
  • SWG-2011-01115 William Bay JR. Lake Livingston

    Expiration date: 7/9/2012

    The applicant owns Lot 2 and will be constructing 40 linear feet of a proposed bulkhead along their property line. The applicant proposes to jointly construct with the owner of Lot 1 (SWG-2011-01114) a 169-linear-foot bulkhead along the property lines of Lot 2 and Lot 1 in the Northwoods Subdivision for a footprint of 0.19 acre into Lake Livingston. Approximately 224 cubic yards of fill material will be placed behind the bulkhead. The bulkhead configuration and placement is limited by the various property lines existing along the shoreline of Lake Livingston.