USACE Galveston District Employee Spotlight on Alfonso Moreno

Published May 1, 2015
GALVESTON, Texas (May 1, 2015) – Leaving sunny Los Angeles behind for a view of the Gulf of Mexico was an opportunity 14-year veteran Corps employee and California native Alfonso Moreno couldn’t pass up, as he transitioned his family to Texas to assume a real estate specialist role with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Galveston District’s Real Estate Division – a position he’s held for more than a year.

With the Corps’ Galveston District directly responsible for maintaining more than 1,000 miles of channel, including 250 miles of deep draft and 750 miles of shallow draft, there is a need for real estate professionals to assist in managing land resources and dredging activities in a sustainable manner.

“I am responsible for negotiating, analyzing and executing real estate contracts that meet federal requirements, allowing third-party use of federally-owned dredge placement areas and dredging activities,” said Moreno. “Additionally, I complete outgrants or written, legal documents that authorize the right to use real property managed by the Corps, establishing the timeframe, consideration, conditions and restrictions of its use for land disposal, construction, utilities and roads.”

According to Moreno, section 401(c) of the Clean Water Act allows private entities or non-federal sponsors to use government-owned dredge material placement areas or federally-authorized disposal sites to hold dredged material.

"The USACE Galveston District was at the forefront to implement this action on behalf of the federal government,” said Moreno. “Our goal is to leave behind the smallest footprint, while continually seeking ways to reduce, mitigate or eliminate potential negative impacts.”

Throughout a normal workday, Moreno can be seen communicating with internal and external customers, including district, division and headquarters staff, local, state and federal government representatives and the general public, to resolve issues and implement solutions on behalf of the district’s Real Estate Office.

“I’ve held positions of increasing responsibility within the Real Estate Management Division’s Management and Disposal Branch throughout my career with the Corps,” said Moreno. “I enjoy serving as a project manager and identifying scopes of work for which the Real Estate Office is responsible.”

Moreno says he enjoys being a part of the Galveston District and hopes to continue to move forward as a leader within his field. He also likes working with real estate team members on challenging work assignments.

“There are so many interesting things and people I’ve encountered while working with the Corps,” said Moreno. “I enjoy a challenge and the complexities working to assist the public in using government property.”

In addition to his real estate duties, Moreno deployed with Corps personnel during emergency operations to help provide emergency assistance in support of saving lives and protecting property during and following flooding events.

“I’ve enjoyed representing the Corps while deployed,” said Moreno. “As an emergency housing team member, I’ve represented the Corps’ South Pacific Division during major disasters. I have also deployed numerous times assisting the Fort Worth’s Defense Logistics Agency Real Property Inventory Team.”

Moreno earned a project management certificate from California Institute of Technology and a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt from U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for project management process analysis, innovation and redesign.

In his spare time, he takes pleasure in coaching football, baseball, basketball and water polo, hobbies he’s enjoyed for 15 years. He is married to his wife of 27 years, Diane, a retired instructor whom he whisked away from Oklahoma, has two children, Debra, a pre-med college student, Richard, a Los Angeles County Sheriff Department employee, and a 14-year-old Border Collie named Bruce.

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