USACE announces plans for future Addicks and Barker Releases

Published Sept. 3, 2017

GALVESTON, Texas  – The Army Corps of Engineers will begin a gradual reduction in releases from Addicks and Barker Dams beginning tonight.  These reductions will take place from now until approximately September 15.

As water is drawn down in the reservoirs, the Corps expects water levels in areas flooded upstream of the reservoirs to recede.  Downstream homeowners will see a gradual decrease in water elevations as releases are reduced. 

However, if the area experiences more rain before the reservoirs are empty, higher releases could become necessary again. Therefore, your local emergency management agencies may encourage you to stay out of flooded areas until Buffalo Bayou is within its banks.

This slowing of releases is prudent because it could prevent potential damages to bridges downstream along Buffalo Bayou, as well as the banks of Buffalo Bayou.  It will also minimize risk to the water control structures, which ultimately provide flood risk management to the Houston area. 

“After careful deliberation, we developed a plan to draw down water in a manner that minimizes risk for maximum amount of people,” said Galveston District commander, Col. Lars Zetterstrom.

This gradual reduction should not have an impact on the rate at which water levels are falling in the communities behind the dam. 

Public safety is our number one concern as we work closely with our partners -- the city of Houston, Fort Bend County, Harris County and the Texas Dept. of Public Safety --and continue to monitor the dams and reservoirs.


Randy Cephus

Release no. 17-036