USACE Galveston extends response date of Request for Information (RFI) for Excavation and Removal of Soil from Flood Pool

Published March 27, 2018

GALVESTON, Texas (March 27, 2018)–

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Galveston District posted an extension on the response date for a special notice synopsis regarding a Request for Information (RFI) for Excavation and Removal of Soil from Flood Pool to May 4 2018. USACE Galveston District, is evaluating the level of interest from government, industry, and others parties for the excavation and removal of geologically deposited soils within the flood pool of Addicks and Barker reservoirs in Harris and Fort Bend counties, Texas. The concept of the potential project is to allow for the beneficial use of these materials by interested parties while increasing reservoir storage capacity of the Government project.


Dr. Edmond Russo, deputy district engineer for Programs and Project Management, indicated that the intent of this RFI is to better understand the level of interest and potential of offering materials from within the reservoirs for use in regional development while simultaneously increasing storage capacity. 


“This information is being collected for use in a Buffalo Bayou and Tributaries Project Flood Risk Management Improvement Study, which is authorized under Sec 216 of the Flood Control Act of 1970.” said Russo “Harris County Flood Control District has expressed interest to be the Non-Federal Cost Share Sponsor of the study, and is their highest priority in partnering with the Corps on Integrated Water Resources Management.” 


The study is proposed to be advanced in tandem with a Metropolitan Houston Regional Watershed Assessment, which is authorized under Sec 729 of the Water Resources Development Act of 1986, as amended. The HCFCD has expressed interest to cost share the assessment. The study and assessment await new start appropriations to begin, and would be advanced if funded in an integrated manner to reduce flood risks and improve resiliency of the Metropolitan Houston region.


In the posting on the federal business opportunities webpage, the special notice synopsis states that this is not a solicitation for proposals and no contract shall be awarded from this synopsis.


Interested parties are requested to address the following items in their response:


1. Estimate the quantity of soil, in cubic yards, that would be removed.

2. Describe how the material would be excavated and transported from the site. Identify the type and size of equipment to be utilized and an estimate of the time required to perform the work.

3. Identify the general location, including the longitude and latitude, of the site(s) where the soil would be re-deposited. Our intent is to ensure the soil is not re-deposited within the flood pool of either reservoir.


Interested parties (either alone or with appropriate teaming partners) must have expertise and capability in all of the following areas:


1. Knowledge, skill, ability and equipment to excavate and transport soil in accordance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OHSA) standards.


2. Knowledge, skill, ability and equipment to grade, level and reshape contour of the excavation site according to specifications cited by the Corps.


Also include information such as: Company name, address, e-mail, telephone number, and points of contact. Upon review of all submissions in response to this RFI, the Corps may schedule individual meetings with any or all respondents to gain further understanding to their specific responses.


Additional information: There is no commitment by the Government to issue any real estate instruments in support of any effort in response to this RFI. Any information submitted in response to this RFI is strictly voluntary. This RFI is for planning purposes and the Government will not pay or otherwise reimburse respondents for information submitted. It is the responsibility of any potential offeror to monitor this site for the release of any follow-on information. All documentation shall become the property of the Government. Unless otherwise stated herein, no additional information is available and requests for the same will be disregarded.


Interested firms shall respond to this Special Notice at this link no later than 2:00 p.m., Local Time on 4 May 2018. Mail, or email your response to Mr. Timothy Nelson, Chief, Real Estate Division, Galveston District, 2000 Fort Point Road, Galveston, Texas 77550-1229, 409-766-3848,


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