USACE Galveston District supports OEF deployments, promotes Warrior Care Month 2012

Published Nov. 16, 2012

GALVESTON, Texas (Nov. 16, 2012) – For more than a decade, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Galveston District has supported the war efforts during Operation Restore Iraqi Oil, Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, contributing dedicated military and government personnel to war zones as part of the primary organization tasked with various infrastructure projects to increase the stability, security and economies of the host nations.

“The USACE Galveston District has continued to deliver support to combat operations since 2001,” said Col. Christopher W. Sallese, Galveston District commander. “Since the war efforts began, five military and 41 civilians have deployed while assigned to the Galveston District.”

The district supports war fighting and disaster relief operations by responding to local, national and global disasters with agile, responsive technical engineering, contingency planning and contract construction support capabilities. While the nation’s war efforts are winding down in Afghanistan, there is still a demand for engineers and support staff in the region.

With 15 USACE Galveston District staff members deployed in support of OEF in 2012, the district continues to greatly exceed the Corps’ goal of deploying 1.75 percent of the workforce annually by providing nearly a 5 percent participation rate to support overseas contingency operations.

Contract Specialist Celia Cockburn, USACE Galveston District, served a six-month deployment in Kandahar as a contracting officer assigned to the largest NATO military base in southern Afghanistan.

“It was a great opportunity for me to support our military - our real heroes in this war effort,” said Cockburn. “I helped to execute contracts for the removal of mines to ensure the safety of our military and contractors performing in the field.”

Cockburn says she’s thankful for the experience and to be part of an organization that shows appreciation for those who serve.

This month, as leaders across the military services celebrate Warrior Care Month to commemorate the sacred obligation and enduring mission to care for the nation’s wounded, ill and injured servicemembers and to support them as they transition back to the force or leave military service, the USACE Galveston District remains committed to supporting the warfighter through actively pursuing deployments, participating in the Wounded Warrior Program as well as providing assistance with building stateside military facilities including Armed Forces Reserve Centers and Warriors in Transition complexes.

In 2012, the Office of the Secretary of Defense ranked the USACE Galveston and Fort Worth districts' "Warriors in Transition Complex" project number eight in the "Top 20 Showcased American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 programs/projects." Located in Fort Bliss, Texas, the complex includes barracks for 232 wounded Soldiers, a Soldiers’ Family Assistance Center and administrative headquarters. The project was also listed in the White House Report entitled 100 Recovery Act Projects that are Changing America.

“Our staff readily volunteers to fulfill Army mission requirements and directly contributes to supporting the warfighting efforts of our nation,” said Sallese. “I ask that you keep our deployed employees and their families in your thoughts as they continue our mission abroad and especially over the holidays while they’re away from their families and loved ones.”

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