USACE Galveston District donates $15,638 to CFC

Published Dec. 21, 2015
GALVESTON, Texas (Dec. 21, 2015) – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Galveston District, consisting of approximately 300 employees, donated $15,638 to support the annual Combined Federal Campaign. This year’s district campaign, “Be a Change Maker!” ran from Nov. 5 to Dec. 18, 2015. 

As the only authorized charitable fundraising drive in the federal workplace, the annual district campaign focused on global charitable giving and exceeded its $15,000 goal in six weeks.

“Our CFC team worked to ensure that staff was informed about this campaign and the local charities in need,” said USACE Galveston District CFC Coordinator Dr. Rose Caballero. “The key workers made 100 percent contact with district staff and provided them with CFC Agency Guides and pledge forms, that way, everyone was afforded the opportunity to contribute to the charities that mattered most to them and donate to the charity of their choice.”

Lisa Thomasson, a CFC key leader, became a campaign volunteer nearly a decade ago because she believes she is making a difference. 

“There is no greater feeling than the one I get from making a difference in someone, or something's life,” said Thomasson, whose entire family are volunteers for various non-profit organizations. “In my opinion, it is important for the district to continue to support the CFC because it sets a good example for other agencies to follow. The CFC makes it easy to contribute with automatic paycheck deductions so you never really miss the money you are contributing.”

Caballero explained the significance of this campaign and stated that over the last decade the district raised approximately $250,000 for the CFC, which directly contributed to local charitable, health and human service organizations.

"The Combined Federal Campaign generates interest, recognition and funding for thousands of worthwhile charities serving the public interest,” said Col. Richard Pannell, commander of the USACE Galveston District. “This program provides our employees increased visibility on all of the charity opportunities and allows them an easy way to make informed choices.”

The mission of the CFC is to promote and support philanthropy through a program that is employee focused, cost-efficient and effective in providing federal employees the opportunity to improve the quality of life for all. The authority to allow fundraising in the federal workplace was established in 1961 and since then the CFC has become the nation’s leading workplace giving program, raising more money for charity than any other annual employee-giving program.

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